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Make this month's Sandwich of the Month, the Brat, a Combo Meal by adding any flavorful drink and any tasty side and you'll get a Gilliebuck!

Scroll down to find out what other items are featured this month.

Best Buddies
bbuddies.gif April's Charity of the Month is Best Buddies Wisconsin. Through their programs in local Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and in the community at large, Best Buddies offers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities socialization and leadership opportunities, as well as job coaching, thereby providing the necessary tools for them to become more independent and more included in the community. Learn more about their great programs at www.bestbuddieswisconsin.org.

Find out about past charity efforts by clicking on this link Helping Others!

 Special Coupon Offers!
coupon-sml.gif If you're looking to save some money and to enjoy our terrific menu items, click here for our latest Web Site Special Offers!

baseball4.gif Brewers Reward!
The Brewers are back & we have a reward for you. On home game days, show us your ticket or tickets for that day’s game & you’ll get a Gilliebuck for each ticket with each $5 you spend! Plus, this deal is available before and after the game!

baker2.gif Easter Desserts!
Make your Easter celebration even more special with our scrumptious Custard, handcrafted Log Rolls (custard rolled with chocolate cake and covered in fudge), and Turtle and Grasshopper Custard Pies. Your guests will thank you for it!

fast.gif Special Orders!
Did you know that you can make your Easter gathering, your next party or any happening in your life fabulous (and easier for you) with fantastic food and tantalzing treats from Gilles Frozen Custard. Ask for a Manager the next time you are at the Stand or call us for details on catering!

wackykid.gif Combo Meals Made Easy!
You can save money by making any sandwich a Combo Meal, just add the drink and side of your choice from our long list of options and you'll automatically get the savings. Also, have your Meal Deal Card stamped and soon you'll be enjoying a FREE Combo Meal!

kidcone.gif Custard To Go!
Our fantastic custard is available in pints, quarts or half gallons. Toppings can also be taken home. Pick up a Custard Deal Card at the Stand and you’re on you way to a free half gallon of custard.

(Gilliebucks are valid towards the purchase of any of our mouth-watering menu items.)

 Birthday Club!
birthday.gif Happy birthday to you! Join our Birthday Club and we'll send a certificate for a FREE meal on us (up to a $7 value) on your birthday. It's easy to sign up, just see a Cashier for a Birthday Club form, fill it out, turn it in and leave the rest to us!

 Gilles Fans!
easter2.gif Our customers rave about the unique and original Gilles Frozen Custard. Check out the latest comments from our Raving Fans.

 Flavor of the Day!
Multiscoop.gif What will it be?? Grasshopper? Chocolate Malt with Whoppers? Butter Pecan? Orange Dreamsicle? Snickers? Mint Chocolate Oreo? We're not telling! You'll have to check our Flavor of the Day Calendar to find out!

 Fun Facts
bullet-drop.gif Until Gilles Frozen Custard was renovated in 1978, customers were served at outside walk-up windows only. The Stand was renovated by Bob Linscott, longtime manager turned new owner, to better serve our customers with an indoor lobby and tables.

bullet-drop.gif In Spanish, Easter is known as Pascua; in French, Paques. These words are derived from the Greek and Latin Pascha or Pasch, for Passover. Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection occurred after he went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew), the Jewish festival commemorating the ancient Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt.

bullet-drop.gif Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees.

bullet-drop.gif The history of baseball can be traced to the 18th century, when amateurs played a baseball-like game by their own informal rules using improvised equipment. The popularity of the sport inspired the formation of semipro national baseball clubs in the 1860s.

bullet-drop.gif It takes 8.5 minutes for light to get from the sun to earth.

bullet-drop.gif We Do Not Sell in Supermarkets
Did you know there is a product sold in supermarkets called Gilles Frozen Custard? How can that be since our custard is "only" sold at our custard stand? Here's the Scoop!

 What's Hot!
brat.gif Sandwich of the Month!
As we finally start to get some nicer spring weather, what could be a better Sandwich of Month than Milwaukee's favorite, the Brat. It's the best Brat sausage in town served on a toasted bun and of course, sauerkraut is available on the side at no charge. Also, in April, make your Brat a Combo Meal by adding any drink and any side to it and you'll get a Gilliebuck!

sun-scotch.jpg Super Sundaes!
Not sure which Sundae you want? Take a look at our luscious sundaes and their delectable ingredients by following this link.Sundae Highlights Also, remember that we'll make your special sundae to order from our wide variety of toppings. Just tell our friendly Cashiers what flavors make your perfect sundae!

certs.gif The Perfect Gift!
Looking for the perfect present for a birthday or other occasion or just want to show someone how special they are? Look no further as everyone loves the Gift of Gilles Frozen Custard! Pick up some Gilles Gift Cards, Gift Certificates and Gilles Gear. You'll make their day!

soupA.gif Savory Soups!
Just for you, we have nine tasty varieties of soup, two of which are served every day on a rotating basis. Find out what's available daily by clicking on this link Soup of the Day. Our soups are available to go in pints, quarts and half gallons and we are running a special on them. See the Menu page for details.

menu.gif Hey! What's on the menu?? Click here to see all the great items on our menu. You'll find it hard to choose from the best in burgers, our fish fry, Gillieburgers, sandwiches, sides, soups, and of course, our famous custard!

credit.jpg Credit & Debit Cards!
For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

 Close to Everything!
road.gif We are conveniently located in the center of the metro area at 76th and Bluemound, just a few blocks from I-94. Avoid traffic and swing on by for some yummy Gilles goodies. park.gif If you are going to catch the Brewer game at Miller Park, to downtown Milwaukee for an event or other fun, city.gif to State Fair Park, to the mall or the world renowned Milwaukee County Zoo zoo.gif we are on the way! Stop in for a delicious meal or the yummy treats that make every outing special. Need directions? Just click on this link Find Gilles

 Work Here!
Interested in a different part-time job?
  • Moms: Earn extra money and still have time for the kids.
  • Seniors: Think re-hirement, not retirement.
  • Students: Earn extra cash for holidays, clothes, videos, books, tuition, even a car!
ladymoney.gif Do you have a positive, friendly attitude, are willing to learn, like frequent raises, are looking for a company that cares about it's people, like to work in a professional enviroment and where there are opportunites for advancement? If you do there's probably a perfect position for you at Gilles Frozen Custard. Click here for our Employment Details.

 Former Employees!
fan2.gif If you were once a part of the Gilles Team, send us an email telling us when you worked here, who your co-workers were, what your favorite Gilles memory is, what you are doing now or anything other comment you have. We'd love to hear from you.

 Our History
elvis.gif Do you remember Sinatra? Elvis? The Beatles? Disco? The Eagles? We've been here for all of them. Boy are we old!! Pop over to our History Page for a delicious trip back through time.

 Photos Wanted!
camera4.gif We're looking for photos you may have of Gilles's over the years, from 1938 through today. If you have some, just mail or email them to us at office@gillesfrozencustard.com and you may soon see them on this site. Click here for some recent photographs Photographs!

 Monthly Riddle
Why is a cake like a baseball team?

For the answer, Click Here.


Send suggestions or comments to:
Tom Linscott: office@gillesfrozencustard.com


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